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Formal Epistemology Week

Konstanz / June 4-6, 2012

Organized by Rachael Briggs (Sydney), Kenny Easwaran (USC), Franz Huber (Konstanz), Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto). Speakers include Jeff Barrett (UCI/Konstanz), Joe Halpern (Cornell/Konstanz), and the organizers.

The Formal Epistemology Week is not a formal event. Nor is it exclusively devoted to epistemology. Nor will it last a week. It is, however, caused by the fact that formal methods have contributed to progress in philosophy, the fiction that epistemology studies only knowledge, and the forecast that it will be such a great event that everybody wishes it would last another week. Please submit full papers prepared for blind-review to: formal.epistemology@uni-konstanz.de by November 30, 2011. Notification of acceptance: December 31, 2011. Speakers have a total of 90mins to present their papers (including Q&A) and will be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses. Further information will be announced in due time at: http://www.uni-konstanz.de/philosophie/fe/index.php?article_id=27

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