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PORTO, 13-14 JUNE 2011

Programme, registration details and additional information are now available on the new MLAG website.

Are there forms of thought alien to us, but home to others? Is our form of thought just one among many? Or is it (in essentials) the form of thought per se? Are these even sensible issues? Descartes, Kant, Frege, Wittgenstein, among many, were exercized by such questions. 20 years ago, a landmark paper by James Conant, In Search of Logically Alien Thought, gave illuminating perspective to these issues. In this conference, some of the most insightful current writers in the area look at the state of the issues today.

Jocelyn Benoist (Paris 1): Selling wood and the very concept of logic
Matthew Boyle (Harvard): Kant on the Laws of Thought and the Power of Thinking
James Conant (Chicago): Still Searching After All These Years
Fernando Ferreira (Lisboa): The Two Faces of Logic
Adrian Moore (St. Hugh's, Oxford): What Descartes Should Have Thought About Modality
Barry Stroud (Berkeley): tba
Peter Sullivan (Stirling): tba

Chairs / Commentators:
Juan José Acero (Granada)
María José Frapolli (Granada)
Concha Martínez (Santiago)
Sofia Miguens (Porto)
Jean-Philippe Narboux (Bordeaux)
Tommaso Piazza (Porto)
Paulo Tunhas (Porto)

Charles Travis (King’s College – London)
Sofia Miguens (Porto)
João Alberto Pinto (Porto)
Mattia Riccardi (Porto)
Paulo Tunhas (Porto)

Mattia Riccardi

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